Zero Emission Toolbox (ZEB-Toolbox)

In the framework of ZEBISTIS a ‘Zero Emission Toolbox’ (ZEB-Toolbox) for the planning and design of Zero Emission Buildings is developed.

The ZEB-Toolbox will provide basic information, which is relevant for the integrated planning and design of Zero Emission Buildings, considering the harvesting, utilization and storage of energy and water, the processing of wastewater and organic wastes as well as the production of food (biomass). The information provided in the toolbox aims to address design issues consistently.

Dependent on the specific local basic conditions, the building type and its efficiency, the ZEB-Toolbox should facilitate planners and designers to estimate the metabolic flows for energy, water, and food. The ZEB-Toolbox should provide information about the main important properties of specific cutting edge technologies. Furthermore the ZEB-Toolbox should allow also for the determination of the main important information and data, for production, harvesting, consumption, processing, and storage of sufficient amounts of water, energy and food. The provided information includes for example data regarding appropriate system size as well as space and energy demand, and energy efficiency, for different available technologies.

According to the main themes to be addressed in the design and planning of Zero Emission Buildings the ZEB-Toolbox will consist of the following different technology toolboxes:



The simulation of solar thermal and photovoltaic energy production is supported by Valentin Software